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POS Terminal
We offer all-in-one point-of-sale terminal with powerful performance that responds seamlessly to all peripheral devices.
Touch Screen/ LCD Monitor/ Monitor
We offer a variety of touch screen / LCD monitor / monitor suitable for point-of-sale, restaurant and industrial applications.
Cash Drawer
Cash drawer provide storage, security, and organization for cash, coins, cheque, credit card slips, and coupons. Often, the POS terminal, monitor, and pole display are stacked on top of the cash drawer, therefore the durability of cash drawer is an important consideration.
Customer Display
Customer display shows the purchase information to the customer. The data is sent by the point-of-sale software. Pole display are available with varies pole lengths to accommodate different counter heights.
Programmable Keyboard
Programmable keyboard (POS Keyboard) allows you to programme frequently used characters or key sequences into a single key, providing the operators with speed and convenience.
Price Checker/Price Verifier
Most suit for modern management of departmental stores to hypermarkets that address the needs in precise pricing information and customer service improvement.
Uninterrupted Power Supply
Voltage and frequency fluctuations, surges, sags and power cuts are likely to seriously damage your sensitive equipment. Uninterrupted power supply are the ideal solution to protect your businesses.